The Waddler room ranges in age from 12 to around 24 months. The Waddlers are the most active group in the building and our teachers make sure they keep up with this feisty bunch! Our one-year-olds love to take walks around our quiet residential neighborhood where they can see squirrels scamper up trees or wave at the kitty crossing the street. They enjoy dancing under a parachute or coloring a large class collage. Circle time is always exciting with songs, finger plays and favorite books.

Waddlers: 11

Teachers: 3

Price: $380 a week



    • Morning circle time, that includes counting, sign language, color recognition and favorite songs and finger plays.
    • Outside time, that can range from wagon pulls around the surrounding neighborhood, to garden time, to numerous activities on the playground.
    • Weekly art and science activities that let them squish with paint, splash in water, color with crayons and pour sand with small shovels.

Mastery List

    • Basic sign language
    • Emerging recognizing primary colors
    • Following one-step instructions
    • Drinking from a cup and eating with a spoon
    • Counting to ten in English and Spanish.