Infant room

The infant room ranges in age from 0 to around 12 months. Younger babies are read and sung to as well as cuddled and encouraged to do daily tummy and floor time. They are also taken for daily walks around the tree-line neighborhood to see falling leaves and budding flowers. Older infants participate in a variety of sensory activities from water play to hand painting.

Infants: 6

Teachers: 2

Price: $380 a week



    • We take nature walks around the neighborhood to enjoy their environment.
    • We Listen to music sung by their teachers and enjoy snuggle time and tummy time.
    • They achieve developmental milestones as their teachers guide them in self feeding, sitting without support and crawling.

Mastery List

    • Eating solid foods
    • Holding a bottle and then sippy cup
    • Transiting to walking
    • Mat sleeping
    • Development of fine Motor Skills
    • Development of early language skills