The preschool classroom ranges in age from 42 months to about 5 years. The preschool classroom takes our students on the final leg of their journey before entering kindergarten. Our preschool teachers pride themselves on having their students ready to enter the public or private school of their choice. Children are required to be potty trained because of the pace of the class and the individualized attention given to each student. Themes such as math and science come to life as they build rocket ships, grow tomatoes in the garden and make popsicles to eat on a hot, sunny day.

Number of Preschoolers: 11

Teachers: 2

Price: $345 a week



    • Students learn to count to 100 (by ones, fives and tens)
    • Students learn to write first and last names
    • Simple math is introduced with patterns and addition
    • Older students learn simple site words and begin taking home weekly books to encourage early reading skills
    • Spanish lessons intensify to learning simple questions and their answers
    • Weekly homework

Mastery List

    • Counting to 100 by ones and tens
    • Writing first and last names
    • Calendar recognition
    • Understanding responsibility through classroom duties.