Our Approach

We believe that childcare should be an extension of home

At HLC, we believe that children can learn and be anything when they know they are loved. That’s why there is always a smile and warm greeting from our staff when you come through our doors.  We believe that childcare should be an extension of home, providing children and their parents with nurturing, love and comfort.
Our educated and qualified staff coupled with a low teacher turnover rate allows our students to form strong bonds with their caregivers, enhancing self-esteem and a sense of security. We pair that with stimulating activities and learning experiences to offer a brand of childcare that encourages every child to develop – even flourish – at his/her own pace.



Our student-driven, hands-on curriculum encourages touching, smelling, hearing and experiencing. We prescribe to the Chinese proverb…

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”





In doing this we participate in activities like toddlers making lava lamps and babies squishing JELLO. Preschoolers marching around the block to mimic a Civil Rights demonstration, and measuring out milk to make pineapple upside cake.


Community involvement

Community service is a core component of HLC’s curriculum. Teaching children about their moral responsibility to the community around them is essential to building character. Preschoolers at HLC regularly visit assisted living centers and rest homes to bring cheer to the confined residents.